Mindset drives behavior. Behavior drives results.

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The Arbinger Institute is a global training and consulting firm that helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve breakthrough results by shifting from the default self-focus we call an inward mindset to the others-inclusive focus of an outward mindset.


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Arbinger’s newest book builds on 35 years of work by relating the true and compelling stories of multiple leaders and organizations as they live and apply the powerful principles of an “outward mindset,” then sharing simple yet profound guidance and tools to help readers and their organizations shift to an outward mindset.


With more than two million copies sold, this book shares the story of a man facing challenges on the job and in his family. It exposes the fascinating ways we can blind ourselves to our true motivations and unwittingly sabotage our own efforts to achieve success and happiness, then illuminates profound, even counterintuitive ways to transform our work and relationships.


This book has been #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list in the War & Peace category and in the top five in the Conflict Resolution & Mediation category for 11 years running. It explores questions like, "What if, in our conflicts with others, there is something we want more than solutions? What if, individually and collectively, we systematically misunderstand the causes of our conflicts? And what if, therefore, we unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve?"

Case Studies

Mindset and Leadership Assessment

Mindset Audit - Over thirty years of intensive research, The Arbinger Institute has demonstrated that every organization operates somewhere along a continuum from Inward to Outward Mindset. Since behaviors drive results and mindset drives behaviors, the prevailing mindset in an organization has profound impact on an organization’s performance and culture. Your answers to 10 questions will suggest where your organization might be along the Mindset Continuum from Inward Mindset to Outward Mindset.

Leadership Assessment - The Arbinger Leadership Assessment is an eighteen-question instrument that assesses your leadership practices and effectiveness. This instrument is based on Arbinger’s extensive experience working with leaders for over three decades.

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